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ISSN No. :2535-1346
Journal Title :The Balkans – Languages, History, Cultures
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Publisher Name :St. Cyril and St. Methodius University Press
Country :Bulgaria
Language :Bulgairan, English, Romanian, Serbian
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo
Frequency :Weekly
Start Year :2008
Journal Description :The Balkans – Languages, History, Cultures is a collection of academic papers maintained by the University’s Faculties of Modern Languages and History. It welcomes original articles written in various languages in the following fields of knowledge: Interdisciplinary aspects of Balkan Studies: languages, history, cultures, religion (current dimensions) in the Balkans; Balkan societal science: historical, sociological and political aspects; the history of Balkan peoples in language, mythology and folk art; language and socio-linguistic situation and language policy in the Balkan countries; majority and minority languages; national and regional identities; language and culture – the Balkan linguistic picture of the world; geography of educational space – educational concepts in Balkan studies. Balkan linguistic space: Balkan Language Union vs. the languages of the Balkans; aural linguistics; comparative studies of the Balkan languages: grammar, vocabulary, semantics, phraseology; sociolinguistics – the Balkan literary languages in historical and contemporary perspective; the Bulgarian language in the Balkan context. Religion and everyday life in the Balkans: religion and identity; rituals and everyday life; funerary customs and necropolis; topos of the sacred in everyday life; the temple – the sacred place in everyday life of man; the religion of everyday life (popular Islam, popular Christianity); the cult of saints in everyday life in the Balkans; Judaism, Islam, Catholicism – the orthopraxality of everyday life; religion, state and religious institutions. Geography, society and culture in the Balkans: natural and cultural landscapes; socio-economic geography; cultural tourism. Balkan literatures in the dynamics of time: Literature as aesthetics of Balkan dialogue; literature and culture – the free territory of the Balkan spirit.
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