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ISSN No. :2600-6324
Journal Title :OUSSOUR al-jadida ???? ???????
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Publisher Name :BOUBAYA Abdelkader
Country :Algeria
Language :Arabic- spanich-English- French
Discipline :Interdiciplinary
Organization Name :History of Algeria Laboratory- université Oran1 Ahmed Benbella
Frequency :Biannual
Start Year :2011
Journal Description :Oussour al-jadida is a scientific journal that publish one volume per year with two issues. The first one in October (summer-autumn) and the second in April (winter-spring). This journal is Published by the "History of Algeria" Laboratory- Faculty of Humanities and Islamic Sciences - University of Oran 1 Ahmed Bin Bella Since 2011, 27 issues have been published until now. (The initial version was quarterly and then became semi-annual) The revue is interested in publishing historical articles related to the history of Algeria - the subject of research in the laboratory - as well as historical articles relating to the rest of the world and in all the historical stages experienced by mankind (Ancient era, the Middle Ages, the modern and contemporary era), With a focus on Algeria's history through the ages (History of Algeria in prehistoric times and antiquity, History of Algeria in the middle ages, History of Algeria in the modern era, ie during the ottoman rule, Contemporary history, ie during the French colonization and during the Great Liberation Revolution) Writing in the revue is open to researchers who are primarily associated with the laboratory, And to all researchers specialized in history from Algeria and abroad. The revue publish articles in Arabic and in foreign languages: French, English and Spanish In addition to the two issues published annually the laboratory publishes special numbers on some occasions, in this context, the laboratory issued a special number (number two) on the occasion of “ Tlemcen, the capital of Islamic culture in 2011”, And two special number (sixth and ninth) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary (1962-2012) of national independence in 2012, And a special number (18th) on the occasion of “Constantine the capital of Arab culture” in 2015. and another number (twenty-third) devoted to the scientific symposiums organized by the Laboratory of History of Algeria in 2016 The editorial committee of the journal is composed of 15 associate editors (Professors in various fields of history, and professors in foreign languages), each one reviews two articles. There is also 3 professors participate in a review of the articles we receive from Algerian researchers and foreigners from the Arabic universities and others. The revue published articles of Algerian researchers, and also of Arab researchers (Moroccans, Tunisians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians, Mauritanians, Saudis and Libyans) as well as Spanish ones. Our main objective is to enrich historical research and exchange ideas between Arab researchers and others. In addition to opening the door to the doctorate students through the publication of their articles.
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