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ISSN No. :2645-4866
Journal Title :Tourism Research and Sustainable Development
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Publisher Name :shebak press institution
Country :Iran
Language :Persion
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :shebak press institution
Frequency :Quarterly
Start Year :2018
Journal Description :Tourism over the past three decades has become one of the most significant manifestations of human civilization and one of the key foundations of intercultural understanding. Tourism is a blend of activities ranging from transportation and nutrition to accommodation and event management, which serve as a continuous chain of service to tourists. Understanding the various aspects of the impact of this cultural activity on the development of the national economy and the social life of the people requires the thinking of scholars of different disciplines and the intermingling of the experiences of its stakeholders. The remarkable success of development strategies based on tourism development in the world, has encouraged various managers, experts, academics, researchers and traders to make more use of tourism benefits. The overwhelming evidence shows that no other activity as tourism can create this amount of employment; it will affect different aspects of human life and cause changes in society's behavior, attitude, values ??and desires. This potential tourism potential encourages every entrepreneur to make the most of it. Understanding the various dimensions of the impact of tourism on national development and social life of people requires the consultation of experts in different disciplines and the effective communication and transfer of experiences of its stakeholders. Only by disseminating research and practical experiences to researchers and scholars in this field can it be possible to become familiar with development issues and challenges on the one hand and to provide a solution to overcome the bottlenecks. The Specialized Practical Journal of Tourism Research and Sustainable Development aims to promote tourism development capabilities and capacities with the support of scholars, professors, researchers, experts and students of various disciplines and provide a suitable platform for presenting the latest research and studies in this field. Therefore, all researchers interested in tourism are invited to submit their scientific articles to the journal.
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