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ISSN No. :2985-8046
Journal Title :Jurnal Akuntansi dan Audit Tri Bhakti
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Publisher Name :Dr. Yusuf Faisal.., SE.I., M.Ak., ME
Country :Indonesia
Language :Indonesia
Discipline :Multidiciplinary
Organization Name :Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Tri Bhakti
Frequency :Biannual
Start Year :2022
Journal Description :We give thanks to the presence of Allah SWT, because thanks to His abundant grace and guidance, we can all still carry out devotional service in the form of research or writing as a mandate of the Tri Darma of Higher Education in the field of research, especially in the field of accounting. To the beloved STIE TRI BHAKTI Accounting Study Program through the academic community. , published in the Scientific Journal of Accounting and Auditing. The Editorial Team and Management of the Accounting and Audit Journal, Tri Bhakti, would like to express their gratitude for the prayers and patience of the entire Accounting Study Program academic community in waiting for the publication of JAATB in the form of a Print Journal and Online Journal (E-Journal). This waiting and doubt has become a significant challenge and enthusiasm for us to work extra hard with the existing limitations, remaining full of enthusiasm and dedication, proudly presenting each volume of JAATAB. The Journal of Accounting and Auditing focuses on publishing online the results of research, studies, scientific thinking for academics, accountants, finance, decision makers in various agencies, government, other private sectors and accounting and financial practitioners. Through the publication of this scientific writing, it will increase knowledge, insight and the latest scientific findings for writers and readers on a national, regional and local scale which will be implemented in society consisting of two focus groups, namely Accounting and Auditing: Accounting Field: 1. Financial Accounting 2. Public Sector Accounting 3. Management & Cost Accounting 4. Accounting Information System 5. Educational Accounting 6. Sharia Accounting 7. Computerization of Accounting 8. Sustainability Accounting 9. Tax Accounting Audit Field: 1. Compliance Audit 2. Financial & State Treasury Audit 3. Corporate Governance Audit 4. Sharia Audit 5. Capital Market Audit 6. Operational Audit 7. Information Systems Audit 8. Forensic Audit 9. Financial Report Audit The publication of the Tri Bhakti Accounting and Audit Journal every six months in March and October each year, and the Tri Bhakti Accounting and Audit Scientific Journal provide opportunities for the academic community and practitioners to publish the results of research, studies, thoughts and analyzes regarding Accounting and Auditing.
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