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Topographic Study Regarding the Spatial Position Determination of the Interception of Some Mining Works by Vertical Drilling at Ciudanovita Mine

Author : I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, A. Dreghici, G. Ghilea
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Monitoring the Road Displacements and Deformations

Author : A. Dreghici, I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, M.A. Barb
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Topo-Cadastral Works Carried Out in View of the Cadastral Plan Corresponding to the Cadastral Sector Number 108 from the Village of Sali?tea, Alba County

Author : M.E. Koncsag, D.M. Vancea
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Using Eterra Application for Approval, Receptions and Registration in the Cadastre Records and Land Book of the Properties, Required by the Special Cadastral Documents

Author : M.A. Barb, A. Begov-Ungur, L.L. Boca
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Using Computer Games or Computer Applications Specially Created, to Support Teaching in the Field of Landscape Planning and Urbanism

Author : L.L. Boca, V.T. Dadârlat, A. Begov-Ungur
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Aspects Regarding the Topo-Cadastral Operations Necessary for The Introduction of the Building Networks and the Modernization of the Street Framework in the Locality of Balcaciu, Jidvei Commune, Alba County

Author : F. Voicu
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Considerations for Using Smartphones in Modern Topography

Author : G.E. Voicu, I. Voina
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