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Geospatial Data - Analysis, Visualization and Interpretation using Machine Learning

Author : A.C. Bala, F.M. Brebu
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Generating 3D Terrain Model for Road Design Using GIS Methods

Author : L. Dimen, A. Dreghici, I. Ienciu, P.E. Petruta
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Combining Topographic Measurements and Photogrammetric Works in Order to Achieve Digital 3D Model of the Apor Palace

Author : A. Dreghici, L. Dimen, I. Ienciu, D.M. Vancea
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Use of Topographic Techniques and Technologies in the Management of Stored Waste Volumes

Author : I. Ienciu, L. Dimen, A. Dreghici, G.M. Sonica
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Making Obstacle Maps for Aeronautical Objectives

Author : L. Oprea, G.M. Sonica
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The Elaboration of the Cadastral Documentation Afferent to the Introduction of Systematic Cadastre in Do?tat Territorial Administrative Unit, Alba County

Author : A. Begov Ungur, C.M. Todea
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Implications of Topography in the Rehabilitation of Natural Heritage Objectives

Author : L. Oprea, T. Popa
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Topographic Study on the Rehabilitation of the Land Surface Related to the Izvor Sports Complex Located in Bocsa Locality, Caras-Severin County, Romania

Author : I. Voina, G.E. Voicu
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