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The Flat Characters of Rind and Zahid Pursuant to Divan of Istanbullu Eshref

Author : Betul Elmaci
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Fazlullah Morals two Masnavis: Taziye-nâme and Vefât-i Nebî

Author : Alim Yildiz
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Value Orientations of Theology Students and Religiousness-Value Relation (Rize Sample)

Author : Muhammed Kizilgecit - Haci Yusuf Acuner | Guluzar Toklu
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Various Actors in Production of Meaning

Author : Ibrahim Sulaiman
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The Mesnevi Called Mukaddimetü Lis-Salât, Belonged To A Poet With Nickname of Selîm

Author : Yusuf Yildirim
Abstract | Full Text

The Meaning and Interpretation of Wisdom in al-Ghazali

Author : Salih Sabri Yavuz
Abstract | Full Text

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