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Aspects regarding the prediction of corrosion of earth electrodes in the soil of Timi?oara municipality Part II. Saline fog tests

Author : Stefan PAVEL,Ioan-Bogdan PASCU,Bogdan-Ovidiu TARANU, Oana-Alexandra GRAD, Romeo NEGREA
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Infrared Spectrography. Opportunities, areas and limits of application

Author : Claudiu JIPA, Mihai DIMA, Vlad IORDACHE
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Increasing energy efficiency in wind power systems operating at variable wind speeds over time. Part II

Author : Lucian CRISAN, Simona POPA-ALBU, Meda Alexandra LAZAR, Daniel BREBENARIU, Cristian MURARESCU, Marius DUDU, Ioan BORZA, Marius BABESCU
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The dynamic thermal behavior of a heat pump operating between 2 storage tanks

Author : Florin IORDACHE, Alexandru DRAGHICI, Mugurel TALPIGA
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Procedure for evaluating performance indicators for refrigeration machines or heat pumps

Author : Florin IORDACHE, Alexandru DRAGHICI
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Thermographic inspection for building diagnosis

Author : Andrei PREDA, Lelia Letitia POPESCU, Stefan Razvan POPESCU
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Determination of stresses the interface of a rigid eccentric footing, accounting for the effect of soil mechanical characteristics and footing geometrical parameters

Author : Benayad Slimane, Kadri Fatima, Yousfi Aimen
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Transparent Concrete

Author : Georgia Alexandra COVALEOV
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Energy analysis regarding the dimensioning and evaluation of the energy performance of the installations using solar thermal collectors

Author : Florin IORDACHE
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