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Impact of Thyroid Disease on Functional Outcome in Ischemic Stroke Secondary to Large Vessel Occlusion

Author : Adel Mabrook AlSefari, MD Omar Khaled Ameen, MD Hanan AlHazmi, MBBS MD1 Ali Mahmoud AlBalawi, MD Fahmi AlSenani, MBBS Jamal Muthana, MD Mohammed Ahmed Melibari, MD Manhal N Redwan, MD
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Water and Brain Health - An Overview

Author : Sivakumar JT Gowder
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Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with and Without Vascular Dementia Following an Ischemic Stroke

Author : Ivan Barbov, Elena Lickova and Goce Kalcev
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Focal Cortical Dysplasia-A Case Report

Author : Roopesh, Venkatesan Sanjeevi, Malcom and Aditya
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Neuro-Vesical Dysfunction Aggravated by Self Introduced Foreign Body in Urinary Bladder-An Unusual Case Report

Author : H Krishna Moorthy, Lal Darsan, Ashwin Krishnamoorthy, Anupama Chithra, Thulasi P and Shyama Albert
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Hemorrhagic Complications of Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Single-Center Study of Related Factors

Author : Yoshinori Takaya, Fumitaka Yamane, Shinya Kohyama, Keisuke Onoda1 and Akira Matsuno
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Bortezomib Induced Mania: An Unrivalled Case Report

Author : Sukriti Pruthi, Archana Chauhan, Markanday Sharma and Bhupesh Guleria
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