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Geo-Modeling approach to predicting of erosion risks utilizing RS and GIS data: A case study of Al-Hussain Basin, Tartous, Syria

Author : Hazem Ghassan Abdo MSc
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The Role of biogeochemical processes in the transformation of certain components in the Environmental geology

Author : Artem Demenev
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Role of thermodynamic effect on coal-gas interactions during underground pre- and post- mining coal seams in the environmental geology

Author : Tongqiang Xia
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Pollution assessment of Ennore (India) creek using macrobenthos

Author : Usha Natesan, S Kalaivani and G Kalpana
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Knowledge Attitude and practice towards solid and liquid waste Management among Addis ketema and Kometa kebele community Mizan-Aman town, Bench – Maji zone, South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, South West Ethiopia, 2017

Author : Yayehyirad Yemaneh, Tesfaye Abera, Dejene Hailu, Wondewessen Niguse, Lelisa Chewaka, Tariku Daniel, Hawi Abebe and Nardos Tsegaye
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Design of a small scale iron and manganese removal system for Copperbelt University’s borehole water

Author : Stephen Siwila, Chopa Chota, Kumbu Yambani, Dingase Sampa, Amon Siangalichi, Niza Ndawa and Gabriel Tambwe
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SEM plays an important role in the study of fossil clam shrimps

Author : Gang Li
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Rehabilitating functional mangrove ecosystem

Author : Deiva Oswin Stanley
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The pockmark stars: radial structures in the seabed surrounding the Hawaii Islands

Author : Roberto Spina
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