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The Principle of Good Choice of Means of Expression for Direct Fatwa: A Case Study of Issuing Direct Fatwa on the Distance between Worshipers in the Congregational Prayer

Author : Mohd Rashid Abdul Razak; Abdul Manan Ismail
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Social Integration of People with Sensory Disabilities: A Juristic Maqa?idic Study in Personal Status

Author : Salih Kadir al-Zanki; Amal Muhammad al-Arjani
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Being Moderate in Consumption and its Effect on Investment, Production and Societal Development, in the Context of Islam

Author : Ali Sulaiman al-Jahdhami; Muhammad Amanullah
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Green ?ukuk and Their Applicability in Nigeria: An Exploratory Maqa?idic Study

Author : Bello Sani Yahuza; Akhtarzaite Abdul Aziz; Muhammad Amanullah
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The Law of Will for Heirs in Malaysia: A Juristic Analytical Study

Author : Fatimah Karim; Abdul Bari Awang; Mohamad Sabri Zakaria
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Secret Marriage Among Ethnic Somalians In Kenya: A Juristic Field Study

Author : Halima Hamdi Gure; Ghalia Bouhedda; Hossam el-Din Ibrahim el-Sayfi
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Separation Due to Harm Between Spouses in Afghan Law: A Juristic Analytical Study

Author : Abdul Basir Azizi; Abdul Basir Amat
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