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The Maxim of Getting out of the Jurisprudential Dispute: Its Concept, Relationship to Other Terms and Response to the Problems Raised Against It

Author : Ashurov Ilkhom, Arif Ali Arif
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Methods of Investing Endowed Money at the Organization of ACT and Analyzing them from the Perspective of Islamic Jurisprudence

Author : Kieren Akbar, Fatimah Karim
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Issuing a Secondary Currency by Islamic Banks and its Impact on the Execution of Interest-free Loans: A Case Study of Buy and Sell Model

Author : Abdulla Faroog Ibrahim
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Commercial Surrogacy for Muslims of Bangkok, its Causes, Harms and Solutions: A Jurisprudential Field Study

Author : Nawawi Arawan, Ghalia Bouhedda, Miszairi Sitiris
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Multiple Methods of U?uli Scholars to Define the Qiyas (Analogical Deduction): Causes and Effects

Author : Zakariya Sulayman al-Hannai, Muhammad Said al-Mujahed
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The Application of the Zakat System to Reduce the Problem of Poverty in the Afghan Province of Jowzjan and Its Effects

Author : Hosamuddin Ebady, Muhammad Amanullah
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The Concept of the Child in Islamic law, International Covenants and Nigerian Law: A Comparative Study

Author : Issah Abeebllahi Obalowu, Basirat Yusuf Bolanle
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Legal Implication of Shar? Man Qablana in the Islamic Shari?ah Rulings

Author : Kazeem Adekunle Adegoke
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The Rulings of Guardianship and the Objective of Natural Instinct (Fi?rah): An Evaluative Study in Light of the Changes and Challenges of Contemporary Reality

Author : Zahia Haouichi, Ghalia Bouhedda
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