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Return and Volatility Spillover Between Daily Exchange Rates and Istanbul City Index

Author : Sevilay SEZGIN
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A Research on Psychological Violence Behaviors and Levels of Job Commitment of Healthcare Employees: A Case Study of a Hospital

Author : Ayse ÇETIN, Belma KEKLIK
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The Changing Face of Information in The Age of Informatics: A Conceptual Study on Infobesity

Author : Betül ERSÖZ, Ümmü Gülsüm KAHRAMAN
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The Impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on the General Economic Activities and Stock Market Index in Turkey

Author : Ali Cüneyt ÇETIN
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Testing Existance of Herd Behavior in Borsa Istanbul: A Study in Borsa Istanbul

Author : Serdar KUZU, Ismail Erkan ÇELIK
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The Effect of Psychological Contract Perception on Organizational Commitment: A Research on Teachers Working in Private Education Institutions

Author : Ahmet YILDIRIM
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Investigation of The Relationship Between VIX Index and BRICS Countries Stock Markets: An Econometric Application

Author : Samet GÜRSOY
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An Assessment of the Need for Forensic Accounting in Terms of Expertise Law in Turkey

Author : Harun ÖGÜNÇ
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