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The Importance of Internal Control and Internal Audit in Accounting Audit: An application in Industrial Enterprises Operating in Antalya Province

Author : Pinar SAVLI, Osman AKIN
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Control of Gas Fired Combi Systems with the Help of Microcontroller and Energy Efficiency

Author : Volkan SAHIN, Mehmet Erhan SAHIN
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Contemporary Approaches in Health Management

Author : Sibel GÖK
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Financial Information System in The Focus of Organizational Information System and An Analysis

Author : Duygu DEMIRHAN, Yilmaz GÖKSEN, Hakan ASAN
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Testing Weak Form Market Efficiency with Linear and Nonlinear Methods in BIST-100

Author : Onur OGUZ
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Social Capital and Migration in Turkey

Author : Fatma Armagan TEKE LLOYD, Umut TÜRK
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The Covid-19 Pandemic, New Exclusion Grounds and Responsibility Areas: The Policies to Prevent the Spread of Virus and Social Context

Author : Deniz ASKIN
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An Analysis of Factors Affecting Housing Prices in Turkey

Author : Ali Cüneyt ÇETIN1
Abstract | Full Text

Development of Automation System and Software for Modern Electronics Laboratories

Author : Fatih YOLDAS, Ramazan SENOL
Abstract | Full Text

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