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Cyber Security Risks and Information Technology Audit in Businesses: Examination of Banks Cyber Security Applications

Author : Özen AKÇAKANAT, Ozan ÖZDEMIR, Mehmet MAZAK
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Review of “The Film Death of Mr. Lazarescu” within The Context of The Right to Health

Author : Gamze ÖZBEK GÜVEN, Serife YILMAZ
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Open Data and Business Intelligence Technology: An Evaluation on Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Lawsuit Data

Author : Muhammet DAMAR, Dilek KARAMAN
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Determination of Vocational School Students Attitudes Towards Senility and Aging

Author : Azime ARISOY, Özgür ÖNAL
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Estimating Milk Production in Ardahan Province with ARIMA (BoxJenkins) Model

Author : Özlem ESTÜRK
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Sovereignty and Power at Michel Foucault

Author : Yasemin APALI
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